AH-D320AH-D320 RAVER<br/>AH-D320<br/>On-Ear Headphones0Blue Red#095ba4 #e31914



AH-D320<div class="ExternalClass1946530B2CF54C5DAEE3578D24BD585C"><dl class="section" id="div_features"><div class="wrapInner"><div class="row- marT30 "><div class="col_3 M_50 MS_100"> <hgroup class="f30 c_White marB20 MS_noTMar"> <h4 class="ff_77 c_PremiumBlue">Tuned for Accentuated</h4> <h5 class="ff_45 c_Black">Bass Performance:</h5> </hgroup> <div class="lH24"><p>Think new genres of music fall flat on a pair of conventional headphones? We think you’re right. That’s why we created Urban Raver headphones.</p><p>Let’s face it, contemporary formats of music like techno, trance, hip-hop, drum ‘n bass, etc. demand a different type of tuning to deliver the level of performance that you heard at the club last night. Getting explosive bass performance and slightly enhanced treble (so you can hear the subtle rhythms of the high hat) is important for the overall experience. </p></div></div><div class="col_3 right M_50 imgFull M_center MS_100 padT40"> <img src="" alt="" /> </div></div><div class="row- marB30 "><div class="col_3 M_50 MS_100"> <hgroup class="f30 c_White marB20 MS_noTMar"> <h4 class="ff_77 c_PremiumBlue">Denon’s 40mm dynamic </h4> <h5 class="ff_45 c_Black">drivers professionally tuned for accentuated bass:</h5> </hgroup> <div class="lH24"><p>Denon engineers have incorporated 40mm dynamic drivers in each ear piece and professionally tuned these to provide an accentuated bass experience, so you can feel the music like never before. </p> <img src="" alt="" /> </div></div><div class="col_3 M_50 MS_100"> <hgroup class="f30 c_White marB20 MS_noTMar"> <h4 class="ff_77 c_PremiumBlue">Designed</h4> <h5 class="ff_45 c_Black">for those who set the trend, not those who follow it:</h5> </hgroup> <div class="lH24"><p>Denon’s Urban Raver AH-D320BU On-Ear headphones are specifically designed for those who set the trend, not those who follow it. Featuring eye-catching color combinations and a sculpted design these headphones are unique, just like you. From the vibrant blue accent color to the patent-pending Denon control wheel, your friends will be sure to ask you in surprise “WHAT ARE THOSE?” You may not hear them though. </p></div></div></div></div><div class="section bg_RadialContent3"><div class="wrapInner"><div class="row- c_OffWhite marB30"><div class="col_3_noPad M_50 MS_100 MS_imgFull M_center"> <img src="" alt="" /> </div><div class="col_3 marT30 M_50 MS_100"> <hgroup class="f30 c_White marB20 MS_noTMar"> <h4 class="ff_77">Be Cool, Calm and Collected,</h4> <h5 class="ff_45">thanks to Denon’s Integrated On-ear Controls and Microphones:</h5> </hgroup> <div class="lH24"><p>Ever seen that guy or gal fumbling for their in-line remote on their headphone cable to control their iPhone or enhance their clarity of conversation? Imagine not having to be that person. Denon Urban Raver Headphones feature Denon’s patent-pending control wheel on the ear for easy control of Apple® iPhone®, iPod®, or iPad™, and integrated microphones on the ear for crystal clear call and voice recognition clarity. The Denon control wheel mimics the operation of a conventional rotary control. To turn the volume up, simply rotate the Right control wheel gently towards the front of your face. Volume down? Rotate the Right control wheel to the rear. Press the center of the right control wheel to play / pause the music or when you answer a telephone call. </p></div></div></div></div></div><div class="section bg_LinearContent2"><div class="wrapInner"><div class="row- marT30 marB30"><div class="col_3 MS_100 M_50"> <hgroup class="f30 c_White marB20 MS_noTMar"> <h4 class="ff_77 c_PremiumBlue">Feel the Music.</h4> <h5 class="ff_45 c_Black">Not Your Headphones:</h5> </hgroup> <div class="lH24"><p>At Denon we believe you should feel the music, not your headphones. In a quest to provide the most comfortable, best fitting headphones, Denon’s engineers have studied over 4,000 pairs of ears from people around the world, to come up with a design that automatically accounts for the subtle differences in ear placement, ear canal size, head size and jaw depression. We know that fit and comfort comes from paying attention to the small details. Think about it – your ears aren’t round, so why settle for round ear pads? Denon’s patent-pending Pentagonally-shaped memory foam ear pads provide the ultimate in comfort for long trips, while our 2-axis ear cup design, adjustable headband and over the ear headphone provide for a perfect , custom fit. Denon’s Urban Raver AH-D320BU On-Ear headphones include a 3-foot audio cable, and a carrying pouch with Karabiner for easy portability. </p></div></div><div class="col_3 right M_50 imgFull M_center MS_100 padT40"> <img src="" alt="" /> </div></div></div></div><div class="section bg_White"><div class="wrapInner"><div class="row- marT30 "><div class="col_6"> <hgroup class="f30 c_White marB20 MS_noTMar"> <h4 class="ff_77 c_PremiumBlue">Denon’s Club App,</h4> <h4 class="ff_45 c_Black">for iPhone, iPad or Android, enhances your experience.</h4> </hgroup> <div class="lH24"> <img class="floatL marR10" src="" alt="" /> <p> The Denon Club App was designed to enhance your listening experience with Denon Urban Raver Headphones. Customize your listening experience by creating, storing, and sharing custom EQ curves and features a real-time spectrum analyzer. Settle disputes about what your favorite artist is singing about by accessing song lyrics from the audio player with the touch of a button. Create and store custom playlists. Enjoy over 70,000 internet radio stations worldwide via TuneIn Internet Radio service. Automatically update your Facebook/twitter status so your followers know what you’re up to. Denon Urban Raver Headphones and the Denon Club App provide the perfect combination.</p></div></div></div><div class="row marT30 marB30"><div class="col_3_noPad"> <a href="" target="_blank"> <img border="0" src="" alt="" /></a> <a href="" target="_blank"> <img border="0" src="" alt="" /></a> </div></div></div></div></dl></div>AP/AH-D320 Instruction Manual|5799#<p>- Color / BU: Black with Blue Accents, RD: Black with Red Accents</p> <p>- Driver Diameter / 40 mm</p> <p>- Driver Type / Dynamic</p> <p>- Impedance / 16 ohms</p> <p>- Sensitivity / 108 dB/mW</p> <p>- Maximum Power Input / 1300 mW</p> <p>- Frequency Response / 6-37,000 Hz</p> <p>- Weight / 250 grams</p>False